Full Bore Pinch Valve, 33a26pM, BPA98003M, DN 100 - modernized






Nominal pressure, PN 10 kgf/cm2 (1,0 MPa).
Temperature of working medium - up to 120OC.

Materials: body - aluminum alloy, sleeve - elastomer.
Main technical description:
 full tight shut-off during all period of operation, even with transportation the strongly duty media;
 full bore design of valves provides the low flow resistance - no more 0,1;
 positive opening design of valves provides the valves functioning by working pressure 0,1 kgf/cm2 (0,01 MPa);
 protective coating of body parts;
ability to self-cleaning of the obturator - sleeve;
maintainability the sleeve can be easily replaced without special tools and without attracting of the highly skilled personnel;
indicator of the extreme positions open close;
design of the running unit provides opening closing of valve without effort;
possibility of the valves manufacturing with full sealed body;

Pinch valve BPA98003M will be completed with mating flanges.

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